Management Support

  • Assessment of business processes, change management, design and use of Business Intelligence and governance support tools
  • Definition and start-up of business functions
  • Management support
  • Project management



  • Start-up and management of department and production lines
  • Data modeling, product tracking
  • Key Performance Indicators and performance monitoring
  • Engineering and management of product life cycle
  • Workplace and workflow organization
  • Introduction to autonomous and professional maintenance


Management Control

  • Function start-up, analysis and review of processes and operating procedures
  • Data model definition, support for management tools integration, design of excecutive dashboard
  • Selection and/or development of specific applications for system integration
  • Use of tools and methods to understand and remove processes variance
  • Cost deployment and action planning to reduce losses and wastes in operations



  • Organizational review and adjustment of internal processes and IT systems in use
  • Software selection and set up of outsourcing contracts
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Process Risk Analysis, introduction and optimizazione of a control system.
  • Roles analysis and evaluation
  • Introduction of purchase marketing capabilities in SMEs

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